LLe Vie’s Farm Land Being Developed

I am saddened each time I drive on Maple Road in Slingerlands, as the land of the former Le Vie’s Farm is being made into yet another housing development, effectively ruining one of the most beautiful views and pieces of land in the surrounding area.

Le Vie’s Farm, owned and operated by Shirley and Albert Le Vie from 1952-1997, was a trusted source for delicious corn, tomatoes, strawberries, and other produce goods, until it closed due to Mr. Le Vie’s health issues. Though the farm has not been in operation since that time, those passing have still been able to enjoy the memory of the once-thriving farm and the view it has continued to provide of fields, evergreens, and the Helderberg Mountains in the distance, softly lit by majestic lilac sunsets in the summer months. You can read an interview with Mrs. Le Vie in a 1997 issue of the Delmar Spotlight here.

To preserve and protect the historic 1898 Hilton Barn from demoliton, the Albany County Capital Resource Corporation had it moved from its original location next to Le Vie Farm, to a small lot across the street. It now sits awkwardly, with some visible damage from the transport ordeal, separate from where it stood for so many years.

The land, rich with potential, could have been protected and conserved for future generations, or bought by a young farmer, or perhaps made into a community garden. 

I stopped at the site recently to attempt to capture the the harmfulness of the new development project, and the now lost glory of the farm and, increasingly, its land.